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YOGA FOR ATHLETES: SNOWGA with the Utah Grizzly NHL Hockey Team

Settled Life  Events   YOGA FOR ATHLETES: SNOWGA with the Utah Grizzly NHL Hockey Team

YOGA FOR ATHLETES: SNOWGA with the Utah Grizzly NHL Hockey Team

One of my favorite experiences working with Lululemon as a brand ambassador was being invited to teach “snowga” to the professional athletes on the Utah Grizzly NHL hockey team. Our intention was to provide an adventurous, physical  experience in Nature uniting the team with introducing the natural beauty of Utah.

After bundling up for the Wasatch mountains in fall, we hiked up Grizzy Gulch in Little Cottonwood Canyon while Nature provided the an ethereal and exquisite backdrop of fall colors, light fog and light snow with snowflakes of the lightest and fluffiest variety. It looked like it was snowing in slow motion a barrage of cotton fluff of all different shapes and sizes.

We hiked until we found the perfect meadow where we were surrounded by Nature’s charm and abundant smiles. Nice and warm from the hike, we dove into our yoga practice, modified to be done fully bundled, basic warrior flows standing sequence, angles, heart salutations and the like.

 The talented management team at Lululemon provided amazing swag bags and self development content including icebreakers and trust building exercises. I themed the yoga experience to support the cohesive group event experience and core values and intentions of the sponsoring company.

In every walk with nature, one receives far more than they seek--Jon Muir

I would love to provide a similar experience for your team, employees, colleagues, family or friends. Available for both local bookings and travel.


Here are some of the services I can provide for you, your player or your team:

BEND- This class is sequenced as a recovery class for athletes looking to increase mobility while developing strength, body awareness and a healthy inner dialogue that supports peak performance. This practice makes space for each athlete to identify and transcend any obstacles standing in the way of their physical, emotional and mental wellbeing.

BURN- Get ready to sweat, feel the burn, and cross train with yoga in an alignment based practice designed to challenge the boundaries of your strength, balance and mobility.


BOOT- Mobility boot camp – Settled Hamstrings Boot-camp starts a healthy dialogue with the hamstrings  using our fascia trigger point massage balls and yoga postures to focus on increasing mobility to support integral functioning of the hips, lower back and core by releasing the connective tissues of the feet, calves and hamstrings. 

ROLL- Settled Body Roll and Stretch-   This class focuses on releasing tension from the connective tissues of the body and stimulating myo-fascial release with the use of full size foam rollers and fascia massage balls.

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