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The Settled® wellness brand was started in 2017 by veteran yoga teacher, Maria Johnson. Maria has clocked nearly twenty years as a celebrated yoga teacher and meditation guide to a range of clients, including professional athletes in the NBA, NFL and NHL. At home Maria is the devoted mother of four children.

The brand name embodies the wisdom of the Yoga Sutras which explain that yoga is the settling of the mind into quiet and in that settled state we are harmoniously aligned with our true nature.

Our intention and mission is to inspire others to empower themselves with the knowledge, training and conditioning practices that serve to remove any obstacles  standing in the way of our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

The Settled brand encompasses a range of products and services that include vocational training for Hatha yoga teachers, Settled Body Rolling School Trainings, International Wellness Retreats and Yoga Sailing Holidays.

Maria designed Settledown heart-shaped eye pillows as a yoga and relaxation accessory for quiet times like savasana, yoga nidra and meditation. They are made from locally sourced lavender and flax and then wrapped with organic, soft double gauze fabric.

  • YOGA
    • Settled Yoga School is a Yoga Alliance registered program providing 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training
    • Settled also provides training for fitness professionals and enthusiasts to teach Settled Body Rolling® – MFR  
    • This focuses on releasing tension from the connective tissues of the body and stimulating myo-fascial release with the use of foam rollers and MFR fascia massage balls.
    • Settled offers wellness retreats with amazing accommodations in exotic locations.