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Maria Johnson in Arm BalanceThe Settled Yoga School is an alignment based yoga teacher training program designed to empower aspiring teachers with the fundamental knowledge needed to safely and sensibly share the authentic practice of Hatha yoga, with every-body, regardless of physical abilities or limitations.

If you are interested in deepening your practice and sharing the tradition of yoga with others, we would love to guide you in the transformative journey from student to teacher.

The Settled Yoga training places a strong focus on anatomy, principles of alignment and practice teaching to all levels while endeavoring to authentically pass on an expression of the Krishnamacharya lineage and tradition of yoga. Aspiring teachers will also have the opportunity to learn how to teach the Settled Body Restorative Yoga Method.

Thanks to all those that joined the Winter/Spring session at Westminster College. Settled Yoga School is certified RYS 200 with Yoga Alliance.

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Settled Yoga School - Teacher Training Spring 2019 at Westminster College

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Topics Include

Ethics, Philosophy & History

Study the Yoga Sutras, the eight-fold path of Classical Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Chakras and the anatomy of the subtle body


Empowers yoga teachers with the knowledge and experience to confidently integrate pranayama techniques into their classes.

Anatomy & Physiology Basics

Explains the relationship of anatomy and the biomechanics of the body to yoga asana practices and how to apply and integrate this knowledge as a student and a teacher. Learn to translate the wisdom of anatomy into alignment based teaching language to guide yoga students through safe and sensible asana options.


Learn proper teaching methodology, incremental cuing and sensible sequencing during pose breakdown and alignment workshops.

Restorative Yoga

Learn to teach a healing and restful blend of Gentle Yoga, Restoratives and Yoga Nidra designed to maximize the relaxation response and promote deep physical and emotional settling.

Special Populations

Preparation on how to confidently integrate appropriate modifications and considerations for senior students and students with limited range of motion to practice. This section will also cover a trauma sensitive training exercise and intro to teaching kids yoga.


Empowers yoga teachers with the knowledge and experience to warmly and safely welcome pregnant students to class. Training will cover trimester specific modifications and an overview of physiological changes that should be considered in practice during pregnancy. Students will learn a modified sun salutation for pregnancy and larger bodies and have an opportunity to practice guiding others through the adapted sequence.

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